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– Thermal Imaging/Thermography

More and more physicians increasingly are recognizing that inflammation is a precursor and companion to many chronic and serious diseases.

Thermal imaging (thermography) allows us to “see” inflammation in the body, which can manifest early or can be confirmed by other signs of cardiovascular disease, liver/detoxing dysfunction, arthritis/joint pain, diabetes, immune deficiency, thyroid dysfunction, possible carotid artery calcification, leaky gut, hormone dysregulation and others. Thermography creates a high-definition digital map of the body that depicts temperature patterns. These patterns help detect abnormalities in blood flow. Increased blood flow is associated with inflammation, with inflamed areas of the body visually shown on a thermogram.

Thermography is excellent technology for early-stage disease screening, pain diagnostics, as well as full body imaging. At the same time, it is not painful, non-invasive, and emits No radiation. Screenings conducted over time can help to track the development of disease and aid in many medical and alternative treatments. Inflammation may become visible long before other signs and symptoms of health dysfunction appear. For instance, inflammation in the breast can be seen as much as five years before a lump would be found in a mammogram. Thermography is not used to diagnose disease/cancer, instead is an early-warning tool and shows the health of the body. It differs from other screenings in that is allows us to observe dynamic physiological changes on the body. In other words, the technology shows what is happening NOW, as opposed to what has happened in the past. It is a powerful tool for following and monitoring healing processes.

At WholeHealth, we recommend that patients use thermal imaging for breast screenings, whole body screenings, and to monitor conditions of particular concern.

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