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Sexual health need not decline with age, whether you are a woman approaching menopause or a man experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Maintaining a healthy sex life involves a complex interplay of underlying issues: diet and nutrition, libido, state of mental health, hormones, blood flow, cardiac health, level of exercise and fitness, self-identity, immune function, and more.

Here at WholeHealth, we understand this and structure treatments accordingly, determining what solutions is best for you and your individual circumstances.

Two technologies, in particular, have proven effective in improving a person’s sexual health—GAINSWave® (for men) and Votiva (for women).

  • GAINSWave® is based on a widely tested method of male enhancement called shockwave therapy. Doctors in Europe have been testing its effectiveness for Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease for the past two decades. Pulsed acoustic waves, upon which the technology is based, have been found to improve blood flow in the penis and even repair damaged nerve endings resulting in peak sexual health, including sensitivity, and performance.


  • Votiva is an advanced form of feminine rejuvenation that utilizes the latest heat and RF technology to provide a better quality of life for women who want to have more control over feminine health. Because it is noninvasive, requiring no surgery, it is faster and more comfortable when compared other options. Vaginal rejuvenation can provide you with the confidence you need and that you may have thought was gone forever.

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