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– IV Center (Amino Acids)

Maintaining balance between the mind and the body is integral to good health.

Any number of chemical intolerances, sensitivities and deficiencies, however, can lead to imbalances in the brain that negatively affect mood and behavior, resulting in improper neurotransmitter functioning. Food choices, including digestion and absorption issues, may also lead to mind-body dysfunction due to what’s known as the Gut-Brain axis.

Amino acids are the central building blocks of neurotransmitters (e.g., serotonin, adrenaline, dopamine, GABA, etc.), which directly influence behavior. Without first reinvigorating the body so it can restore proper functioning of neurotransmitters, other care interventions and treatments will be less effective, and the results shorter-lived.

Studies show supplementing the body with amino acids restores natural neurotransmitter production. The most successful therapy is a 10-day course of amino acids administered via infusion followed by a long-term course of oral amino acids. Call or request an appointment online today.

Our IV Center replenishes the body’s natural supply of amino acids, enabling proper neurotransmitter signaling, helping to restore the brain and the body. This treatment can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from addiction and mood disorders.

To learn more about how our IV Center can benefit you, call us or book an appointment online today.

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