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– Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune diseases, which are triggered when your body gets confused and starts attacking itself, affect close to fifty million people—approximately 20 percent of population—in the U.S. These diseases often are characterized by hard-to-classify generic symptoms, such as pain, inflammation, swelling, and general discomfort and misery. Your brain, skin, joints or whole body may suffer.

Arriving at effective treatments is a challenge, relying on making an accurate assessment of underlying factors that might be contributing to the disorder. Factors that may be specific to you and no one else. Moreover, conventional or traditional medicine often falls short of making a correct diagnosis because this approach tends to throw powerful immune-suppressive drug at the problem, putting patients potentially at increased health risk.

WholeHealth matches patients suffering from autoimmune disorders with the most appropriate course of care by conducting a thorough initial diagnostic assessment and completing relevant laboratory work. A battery of health tests, tied to blood and urine samples, as well as genetic testing, enable us to assess exposure to various environmental toxins, and determine the potential presence of infectious disease. Once the underlying biology of a condition or disorder is identified (correctly diagnosed), it can be more successfully treated, with a greater likelihood of positive outcomes.

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