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Addiction Recovery Q&A

What causes addiction?

Addiction occurs when your brain develops a chemical dependency on a substance, altering the way the brain feels pleasure. This causes physical changes to the nerves in your brain and is often triggered by overusing or abusing substances. The environment and/or genetics may make you more likely to develop an addiction.
How is addiction treated?

When you’re going through the cycle of addiction, recovery, and relapse, you can often feel helpless. Unfortunately, the detox process for addiction is painful; many people are unable to get through it without relapsing.

Dr. Petersen, along with the rest of our medical team, begins the examination process by consulting with you about your symptoms, taking your medical history, and performing a physical examination. Once he has a better understanding of the severity of your addiction, he can formulate a treatment plan specifically tailored to your unique needs.

Step one in the treatment plan is to perform a physical 10-30 day IV detox.
WholeHealth doesn’t try to replace old drugs with new ones. By focusing on rebuilding dopamine receptors and supplying your body with nutrients and amino acids, this detox prepares your body for full recovery and significantly lowers your chance of a relapse.

Once the IV detox is complete, you are started on a behavioral health recovery program, helping you to correct addictive thinking patterns in your mind. This empowers you to strengthen yourself against your problematic urges and achieve attainable goals in the process, reducing and eliminating cravings.
To maintain recovery, you will need to optimize and maintain your body continuously. Our team will provide you with a treatment plan, year-after-year, specifically formulated to your underlying physiology and psychology. As a result, you will feel positive, sober, and focused.

When should I seek addiction recovery treatment?

You should seek addiction therapy if you’re addicted to any of the following:

• Smoking
• Pornography
• Meth
• Heroin
• Alcohol

Any of these addictions can significantly impact your way of life, and many of them can cause long-term health problems. You can feel empowered knowing that treatment is available to help you overcome your addiction. Call WholeHealth directly or request an appointment online.

Addiction doesn’t have to be a lifelong battle. When you partner with WholeHealth, we provide you with coping mechanisms, detox measures, and a behavioral health program to help you live without addiction. If you need relief from a harrowing addiction, contact our team today. With locations in Provo and West Jordan, Utah, we have the expertise you need to get your life back on track.

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