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Dr. Allen, MD

Twenty years ago, I was faced with hormone imbalance and thyroid disease. Hoping to get better, I followed the standard treatment regimen recommended by almost every doctor. However, the treatment didn’t work for me. Given my medical background and the fact that traditional treatments weren’t working, I started to think outside the box.

I realized that there had to be a better treatment for hormone imbalance and thyroid disease than doctors (including me) were currently prescribing to their patients.

I started to search on the Internet about alternative treatments to balance hormones and treat thyroid disease. I was drawn towards bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and bio-identical thyroid hormone therapy. 

I found a local doctor, Dr. Petersen, who specialized in exactly what I was looking for. He’s busy but I was able to make an appointment within a month.

The results were astonishing. His cutting-edge treatment of my hormone imbalance and thyroid disease helped me to regulate both my thyroid disease and hormone imbalance. I saw a marked improvement in my energy and mood.

Dr. Petersen is easy to talk to and is very thorough in both diagnosing and treating. He is interested in you as a person and doesn’t just put you in the standard medical treatment box. 

As someone who is in the medical community I know talent when I see it. 

Dr. Petersen is an exceptional doctor who treats people with hard-to-treat conditions.          


About two years ago, right around Thanksgiving time, I became very sick with flulike symptoms, awful achiness all over my body and I had become completely wiped out.

Searching for a solution, I visited many doctors who diagnosed me as having fibromyalgia, which is sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome. When I wasn’t responding to treatments, I was then told my symptoms were a result of my going through menopause and a resulting hormone imbalance. However, lab after lab and test after test showed my hormone levels where normal.

I became so frustrated. I felt I there was something else going on other than “hormones” and “chronic fatigue syndrome.” I went online, searching desperately for help. Maybe someone else was experiencing similar symptoms and maybe they could help me find out what was wrong. In my search, I was referred to doctors and clinics who specialize in autoimmune disorders and/or unexplained symptoms.

Thankfully, I was able to locate one that met those criteria. This clinic specialized in hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, chronic infection and fatigue syndromes. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I called Dr. Petersen’s office to make an appointment. He was busy but I was able to get an appointment in about two weeks.

The weeks leading up to the appointment were hard, as I still felt awful. After such a long journey, I was losing hope that I’d be able to find someone that could help diagnose what was going on with me. 

What was worse was that my fear and anxiety was affecting my entire family!

When my appointment day arrived, I met Dr. Petersen and realized quickly that he was different. He was the first doctor that had both my husband and me in his office and let us talk without interrupting or dismissing many of my symptoms outright.

Through my tears and sobs, I explained everything that I had gone through for all those years. I wanted answers so badly. I silently prayed that he would be my “Dr. House,” seeing connections in seemingly unrelated symptoms and arriving at the correct diagnosis. I needed him to be the doctor who would give me answers.

I was lucky because Dr. Petersen proved to be just that. He has truly been a Godsend! 

After a long talk, he had a few thoughts of what I possibly could have. He thought my symptoms and lack of response from previous treatments pointed to Lupus or Lyme disease. He had me run though a battery of tests and labs, many of which I had done before, but a fair number were new. With the results of numerous tests in hand, I finally got my answers. 

I tested positive for Lyme Disease and had several additional bacterial infections. Once properly diagnosed, Dr. Petersen started me on a treatment plan that brought me back from the brink. I’m not 100% better but I now have ten good days for every bad day and I’m heading in the right direction. 

I have hope and confidence that one day I’ll be 100% better, which is something, a few years ago, I never thought would be possible.


Almost 5 years ago today, I thought I’d finally got to the point in my life where I had it all. I had all my ducks in a row, the stars had aligned, and I really thought I’d carved out the point where I was exactly where I dreamed of being. I had just married the man I’d waited my whole life for and was getting ready to leave for our honeymoon in Puerta Vallarta.

The other man in my life, my son, was just starting high school. I loved and lived my career. I played softball, I golfed, I wake boarded, and I travelled. I wanted to do EVERYTHING! Then one day the thing that I thought would never be possible happened: I couldn’t get out of bed.

I’d spent a lifetime working through sick days, taking pride in racking up as few sick days as possible. But on this day, I really couldn’t get up, no matter how much I thought I could. I was scared. Never in my life had I felt like this. 

Over the months, my fear turned to depression and a sense of hopelessness as my husband and I spent the next year going to numerous doctors and specialists, all of whom couldn’t pinpoint what was going on with me. My life had been utterly and completely derailed, and no one could tell me what was causing it.

During the many hours I found myself searching the internet, I stumbled upon a disease whose systems matched my own. It was something called Lyme Disease. Excited, I approached my doctors with a self-diagnosis, but my hope quickly faded and I was shocked to hear: “Lyme Disease isn’t found in this state, and even if it was, Lyme can be treated by a simple two week course of antibiotics.” 

Other doctors told me it is “all in your head,” or “I don’t know how to treat you,” etc. Looking for quantitative proof of my disease, I was tested with IGeneX, a company that specializes in testing for Lyme and other tick-borne infections. When I received my results, there was no question, I had Lyme disease and other co-infections. 

I was happy at first, to finally have scientific proof of my tormentor. But I also realized that from the research I’d done, Lyme was a serious disease and could be very hard to successfully treat.

With my diagnosis, I started on a quest to find someone who could help me. I didn’t know how hard that would be. At first, I found a general physician who didn’t have any experience treating Lyme patients but was helpful and encouraged me try to treat Lyme myself. 

He recommended I follow Dr. Burrascano’s protocol, which included taking very large doses of antibiotics and simultaneously many anti-bacterial herbs. This protocol wreaked havoc on my body, immune system and my digestive system. Finally, I realized I couldn’t do it without guidance from a medical professional who knew how to treat Lyme Disease.

After searching and trying several physicians, I found Dr. Andrew Petersen and his amazing staff. He has a background in microbiology, so he understands Lyme disease intricacies. But not only that, Lyme disease is a very lonely disease and I have come to love and respect the relationships I’ve been blessed with in his office. 

They are my friends and oftentimes “free” therapists.

I’m getting better with Dr. Petersen’s help and most importantly, he has given me hope that this isn’t my swan song. It isn’t easy and often I still feel crappy but I’m confident that I will be able to find a course of treatment that will get me my life back.  

Dr. Petersen cares about me and I sense he really will do what he can to help his patients get better. I love that he is open to looking at research I’ve done and has an open mind as we discuss it. He has told me that he doesn’t have all the answers but that he’ll be honest and open with me and my family.

I’m grateful for the care and love I’ve received at his and his staff’s hands. My goal is to someday bounce into their office and show off by doing a cartwheel.

I am a better person for taking this journey. The refiners fire has a knack for burning away the things of inconsequence and leaving what is truly important.